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Egyptian Truck-Hailing App “Swyft” Launches, Attracting 500 Registered Users In A Week

We speak to Swyft’s CEO and Founder Sayed Ayouty about the problem that inspired him to launch his startup.

Egypt’s ecosystem just grew bigger by one startup: Swyft, a truck-hailing app that connects users to professional truck drivers. In just one week following their official launch on app stores, Swyft had 500 registered users.

From real estate to heavy automobile, Swyft’s founder and CEO Sayed Ayouty comes from a diversity of family businesses. “We always found trouble when it came to logistics, picking stuff up and finding the right driver to run the operation,” Ayouty tells Startup Scene. “While exploiting the fleet we already had in our automotive chains, I thought of the idea that slowly became Swyft.”

Adopting a B-to-C model, Swyft gives the users the liberty to choose the size and type of truck while also providing them with two helpers per order, at an additional cost. The startup also gives the drivers orientation sessions and training to guarantee the quality of service they are offering.   

Running like ride-hailing apps, Swyft first asks you to register, then pin your locations, and leave the names and phone numbers of the pick-up and receiver contacts. It would cost around EGP 1,000 to have an order moved in a cargo van (180 cm x 150 cm) from Downtown Cairo to Ahmed Zuweil square in Alexandria; with an additional EGP 100 fee for each helper.

“Swyft is self-funded so far, and the budget we allocated is expected to help us thrive all year long,” the CEO says; preferring to leave the amount undisclosed. “So, we will be running rounds of funding as of next year, once our budget runs out.”  


You can download the app from the following links:


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