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Cairo's Creative Industry Summit Is Bringing Humanoid Robot Sophia to Egypt

Running its 8th edition, the Creative Industry Summit kicks off this April in Cairo with a stellar speaker.

Cairo's Creative Industry Summit is gearing up to begin this April, bringing along a stellar speaker - though this time, she's a robot. Sophia, Hanson Robotics’ most prolific humanoid robot - which made worldwide headlines when she was appointed a citizen of Saudi Arabia - is bound to land in Egypt to participate at the annual conference for creative industry hustlers. 

"We've always tried to bring whatever is new and a breakthrough in terms of technology. She’s ben very successful, having recently spoken at the UN, and Davos. So we felt we should try to bring the most advanced AI to Egypt," says the summit's Founding Partner, Mai Salama, anticipating that there will be a Q&A session with the public.

AI is becoming so crucial to life," Salama tells Startup Scene. "There are agencies hiring AI as creative directors. and when you think about it, it will add a lot because a robot like Sophia can eventually come up with content," she explains. 

Over the past four years, the summit has brought together some of the country's top creatives, agencies, business innovation leaders and brands for their annual two-day summit to share their insights on the latest creative trends. This year's agenda, she anticipates, is particularly focused on content. "This year, we will also have Naguib Sawiris, and Dana Griffin, expert neuroscience and marketing, as well as a panel with brands that choose to entertain rather than sell," she says. 

Along with Sawiris, the conference's speakers lineup features regional and international stakeholders from renowned creative and media agencies, brands, media channels, filmmakers, marketing and advertising executives and digital experts.

Stay tuned for more updates about the summit and check out other exciting events in the region on our Events calendar.


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