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From Solar To Healthcare, 6 Events To Check Out Across The Middle East This Month

Ranging from courses to meetups, here are six handpicked opportunities happening this August. Prepare your business cards.

This month merely scratches the surface of the startup ecosystem, preparing entrepreneurs for all that is to come. August is getting renewable energy engineers, pharmacists, and digital marketeers fully booked with courses and meetups, bringing together likeminded CEOs, founders, and mentors. 

TIBA Solar Factory is looking for trainees seeking to make a difference /  August 11th 

Serving as Egypt's and possibly the Middle East's first solar panel micro factory, the TIBA Solar Factory is hosting a course this August. This opportunity is quite special, not only do you get to experience something as rare as training at a solar panel factory and learn about solar energy, but you get to leave your mark on the Egypt and the world, leave a green footprint. 

Founded in 2014, Tiba Solar has been operating on the micro scale serving a bigger plan of being a hub housing three main activities; industrial, educational training,  and research and development (R&D). Their industrial production is based on high efficiency instead of quantity, with a training focused on practical courses instead of theoretical and their R&D aims to marry renewable energy to other technologies. Tiba Solar is also fond of robotics, digital fabrication, advanced materials, and looks to support startups and projects involved with these technologies. 

Click here for more information.

Click here to register. 

The CoWorking Popup is the looking for digital marketers / Deadline August 12th 

The Dubai-based The CoWorking Popup is always up to something! Back at it again with a new course, this time focusing on digital marketing and pay-per-click (PPC), strategy. The course is expected to teach students about various paid advertising channels which allow for a more cost-effective marketing strategy. Interested in digital marketing?

Click here to get a ticket before August 12th.

Health 2.0 is hosting a meetup for med-techies/ August 13th

Back with its new meetup, Health 2.0 Cairo teamed up with Falak Startups for this round. The organisation is the first of its kind in Egypt, launching the country's first hackathon dedication to creating digital and software solutions for healthcare needs. Leaders in the field of healthcare, investment, business, and technology will be present and so healthcare tech innovators are expected to give it all they have got. The meiosis-inspired event provides an environment where any true med-techie can thrive, making this a rare opportunity. 

The meetup will take place at the Greek Campus, where Falak Startups, the hosts, are located. Established in 2017, Falak Startups is also endorsed by the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation’s nationwide programme, Fekretak Sherketak. 

Click here to register.

AlMaqqar is looking for ‘digital crafters’ / August 15th 

Also at the Greek Campus, where AlMaqqar is guaranteed to bring the geek out of you, Digital Crafters wants to take another spin around the track with its second meetup this August. This Digital Crafters meetup is dedicated to bringing together both ends of the spectrum, bringing to you an assortment of high end speakers as well as thought-leaders to spark conversations around digital and social media. Get a chance to stock up on some business cards, and mingle within an elite crowd of like minded people. 

Mix N' Mentor, bringing together entrepreneurs and mentors / August 16th

Amman adds some spice to the MENA startup scene with Mix N' Mentor. This event is a day long engaging platform designed to encourage knowledge exchange. Mix N' Mentor is a community event, aiming to forge deep long lasting connections between promising entrepreneurs and experienced mentors. Thanks to its unique format and high profile delegates, 74 percent of past participants say they saw a direct improvement on their business. 

A typical Mix N' Mentor event would start with registration, opening remarks followed by a panel discussion. Later in the day, entrepreneurs and mentors are matched in breakout groups of eight based on skills and challenges. These groups would flock to three sessions, one hour each, with lunch and snacks in between. Mentors and entrepreneurs would rotate to ensure maximum diversity. A Fireside Chat would follow, where a panel of entrepreneurs engage with audience. In conclusion, the day would typically end with a networking session.

Stay tuned for more details.  

Tafra is on the search for techies to attend their new Meetup / August 31st
This is the 15th Tafra Meetup of the Tafra "Product Management & Business Analysis" Community series. Tafra is a platform that empowers MENA region techies to disrupt tech industries worldwide. This opportunity offers you a chance to get to know like-minded people in your industry, as well as the seniors, resources and the shortest routes for gaining a lot of knowledge and insights. You might even meet your potential mentor, favorite speaker, unexpected old friend or maybe a future friend.
Click here if you for more. 
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